The Bulls Head, Repton – Food Shoot


It was awesome to spend a couple of days with all the staff at The Bulls Head in Repton photographing most of the menu as well as shots of the staff working away in the kitchens – so much great food, and photographing it was torture as all I wanted to do was eat it!

A big thanks to Richard and his wife Laura for making me feel so welcome and to Jamie and Travis the two chefs who kept the day running so smoothly!

The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0002 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0003 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0004 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0005 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0006 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0007 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0008 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0009 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0010 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0011

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