The Bulls Head, Repton – Food Shoot


It was awesome to spend a couple of days with all the staff at The Bulls Head in Repton photographing most of the menu as well as shots of the staff working away in the kitchens – so much great food, and photographing it was torture as all I wanted to do was eat it!

A big thanks to Richard and his wife Laura for making me feel so welcome and to Jamie and Travis the two chefs who kept the day running so smoothly!

The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0002 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0003 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0004 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0005 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0006 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0007 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0008 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0009 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0010 The_Bulls_Head_Repton_Food_Photography_0011

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The Upper Crust Catering Tasting Evening

This week we were invited to join chef Chris and the team to photograph the Upper Crust tasting evening. What better evening is there than taking photos of food, and then getting to eat it afterwards, and it was DELICIOUS!!

Helen (the owner at Upper Crust) and Chris (the very talented chef) wanted to put on a tasting menu for the evening to show their future wedding clients what they can really do given the chance, and the evening was a massive success.

Here are a few of our photos from the evening…

Food_photography_Derbyshire_0001 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0002 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0003 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0004 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0005 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0007 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0008 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0009 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0010 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0011 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0012 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0013 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0014 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0015 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0016 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0017 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0018 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0019 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0020 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0021 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0022 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0023 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0024 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0025 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0026 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0027 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0028 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0029 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0030 Food_photography_Derbyshire_0031


Contact Helen about your food requirements:

Helen Naylor

Upper Crust Catering

Tel: 01335 330476